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2022 Duotone Dice SLS

Big Air / Kiteloops / Freestyle

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DKK 14.699,00

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Duotone Dice SLS 2022 Kite

Next level performance Dice in Duotone SLS construction

Click for Dice SLS review with Aaron Hadlow

The long wait for the true Duotone Dice fans is finally over! It’s here: the all new Dice 2022 in SLS (Strong, Light, Superior) construction. After the introduction of the Duotone Evo SLS, the Dice SLS was actually expected a bit earlier. But designing a kite with new materials turned out to be more difficult. That is why Duotone kite designer Ralf Grösel, together with teamrides such as Lasse Walker and Araon Hadlow, spent more than a year balancing the Dice SLS to perfection. And the result is impressive: the Duotone Dice SLS 2022 is faster, gives more lift and offers you more control in your kiteloops! The next level kite for the freestyle and kiteloop oriented kitesufer that likes to take on every challenge.

As with other SLS kites from Duotone, the heavy dacron material on the leading edge has been replaced by a lighter Penta TX material. Penta TX is stronger, lighter and more durable than normal Dacron. Compared to traditional Dacron, Penta TX is 50% less stretch sensitive, so super direct. A difference compared to the Evo SLS, is that all struts in the Dice SLS are also made of super light and stiff Penta TX material. All in all, this results in a weight saving of 15% compared to the normal Dice. With a lighter weight and a stiffer frame, you can of course imagine that the performance of the Dice SLS is also enormous compared to the traditional Dice!

The Duotone Dice has always been known for its versatility in big air, kiteloops and freestyle. The SLS version of the Dice now takes this to the next level. If you would compare the Dice SLS 2022 next to the normal Dice, you will see major differences in shape, bridle setup and panel layout. This was necessary to maintain the characteristics of the Dice and at the same time be able to use the new Penta TX material. Just like the normal Dice, the Dice SLS 2022 has the exclusive Duotone Trinity TX canopy. Also unchanged is the pulley-less bridle system that was introduced in the Duotone Dice a few years ago. If you like a direct kite, then a pulley-less bridel is a real 'must-have'. Furthermore, the Dice SLS 2022 kite has several 'tip-tuning' options for more or less bar pressure. 

All in all, we are again surprised about the extra performance that the SLS construction can give to a Duotone kite. The Duotone Dice SLS is faster, more explosive, lighter and easier to loop than any other Dice ever before! Are you looking for a real kiteloop and big air champ? Then the Duotone Dice SLS 2022 is a kite which should be on top of your wish list!

  • Big Air | Kiteloops | Freestyle
  • New SLS construction
  • New Penta TX material
  • New bridle setup
  • Trinity TX canopy
  • Pulleyless bridles
  • Three struts
  • Four lines