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Duotone Neo D-Lab

Den legendariske Neo i Aluula matrialer.

Der vil være leveringstid på denne kite.

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DKK 19.699,00


-DKK 300,00

DKK 19.999,00

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Duotone Neo D/LAB 2023 Kite

Extremely lightweight Duotone Neo in DLAB construction with Aluula 

If you thought that the maximum performance of the Duotone Neo was reached with the SLS version, you are wrong! This Neo D/LAB surpasses everything we knew about wave performance. The Duotone Neo D/LAB 2023 belongs to the absolute pinnacle in terms of drift, turning speed and low-end performance!

The Duotone Neo DLAB is something you have never experienced before and is truly the most advanced wave kite at the moment. Duotone has gone completely wild and has only used the very best and lightest materials to make the Duotone DLAB 2023. And the result is impressive: the Neo D/LAB is 30% lighter than a standard Neo, which means a weight saving of up to 1 kg per kite! 

But what does this new Duotone Neo D/LAB has to offer you? Because the D/LAB version of the Neo is 30% lighter, you can quickly ride the D/LAB Neo a size smaller than you normally would. In addition, the extremely light weight ensures that the Neo D\LAB floats in the air like a feather and thus provides a drift like you have never experienced before. The light weight also offers a solution for hydrofoil kite surfers. The Neo D\LAB is now one of the lightest 3 strut kites on the market. Due to the three struts of the Neo DLAB, the kite steers very quickly and the Neo has a very good relaunch, even on days with little wind. For days with true storms a Neo SLS might perform a bit better, but for all-round and low-end performance the Neo DLAB 2023 is an indispensable part of your kite quiver

How does the Duotone Neo DLAB 2023 get so lightweight? The Aluula leading edge is the basis of the Neo DLAB. Aluula is the replacement for the old (heavy) dacron material that most kites are made of. By replacing dacron with Aluula an enormous weight saving is achieved by Duotone. But that's not all, the trailing edge has also been made lighter. Due to the Aluula leading edge, the struts had to be upgraded. The struts of the Duotone Neo D/LAB are so-called Flex Struts. These lightweight struts move with the kite to ensure that the Neo DLAB feels super direct when steering. Everything has been done to make the Neo DLAB as light as possible. There are also similarities with a normal Neo. The canopy of the Neo DLAB is also made of the Duotone-exclusive Trinity TX canopy. And as you are used to from the Neo, there are various options to adjust the Neo DLAB to your personal preferences. The Duotone Neo D/LAB 2023 has a very limited availability, so don't wait too long and make sure to add this incredibly light wave kite to your quiver.

Features Duotone Neo D/LAB 2023 Kite

  • High Performance Wave | foil
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Super good low end
  • New Aluula construction
  • Flex Struts
  • Lightweight trailing edge
  • Extreme drift
  • Quick relaunch
  • Trinity TX cloth
  • Various tip tune options