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2023 Duotone Dice

Freeride / Big Air / Freestyle

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DKK 12.499,00

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Duotone Dice 2023 Kite 

Super versatile high performance kite from Duotone 

The Dice 2023 has been marketed to compete at the world level of various disciplines. Lasse Walker uses the Dice as a kiteloop machine at big air events worldwide such as The King Of The Air and Cold Hawaii Games, while Tom Court pushes the freestyle discipline on flat water spots. But the Duotone Dice 2023 excells best in strong wind conditions, it's high end is probably the best in the whole Duotone kite range. Aron Hadlow broke the WOO record on the Dice 2023 shortly after the Cold Hawaii Games. Designer Ralf Grösel has outdone himself again this year. The versatility of the Dice 2023 is partly due to the optimized weight of the kite. The new stiff bridle material was used like last year. In addition, the pulley less bridles have been fine-tuned for an even more direct feeling and even more control and a kite that is nice and responsive. Because the Dice is so responsive, the kite feels nice and playful and makes the perfect kiteloop kite! The Dice loops super easy and catches you effortless after the kiteloop, so that you can land safely and controlled. Do you want to work towards your first Doubieloop boardoff late front or are you just starting out with baby loops? Either way, the Duotone Dice 2023 ensures unprecedented progression! 

The Dice 2023 also performs great for unhooked tricks. The Dice again excels in this discipline without compromise. When you pop for an unhooked trick, the Dice creates more than enough slack do a sick handle pass. The Dice comes standard as a 4-line kite to save weight, but can be converted as a 5-line kite. The Duotone Dice 2023 can be adjusted to your own preference on the tips. 

The construction of the Dice 2023 is again made of premium quality like we are used from by Duotone. The Dacron material on the leading edge is reinforced with a self-adhesive Insignia tape and also double stitched, making the kite withstand high tension and retain its shape very well in the roughest conditions. The canopyis made of the well-known Trinity TX, which is exclusive to Duotone. Trinity TX is a 3x2 canopy material, which has proven to be much better than other canopy materials in terms of durability and dynamic performance. The 3x2 yarn combination has proven to be the best solution in terms of performance and durability. A narrower trailing edge with a lighter combination of materials to reduce wear and create a smoother kite profile. In addition, the crucial parts of the kite are extra reinforced for optimal durability. 

Are you looking for a fast and somewhat aggressive kite for big air, kiteloops and freestyle tricks that is easy to control in whatever conditions? The Dice 2023 is your type of kite! 

  • Freeride | Big Air | Freestyle 
  • 3 struts 
  • Trinity TX cloth 
  • Pulley less bridle 
  • Super good high end 
  • Immediate feel 
  • Customizable