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Levitaz Cruizer

Freeride - Wave - Easy Ride - Strapless

Cruizer er en virkelig allround foil, om den skal bruges i bølger eller fladt vand gør den ikke så meget, dens speed range er enormt, fra ganske langsom fart til god høj fart når der skal cruses lidt længere ture, denne foil fungerer i hele freeride området.

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DKK 13.999,00

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  • Lift Speed: 9.2 knots
  • Wide lift surface
  • Low drag enables huge speed range
  • Great track stability

The Levitaz Cruizer is the most versatile kitefoil in the Levitaz range. This classic freeride foil scores with an enormous speed range which suits various riding styles. You will be thrilled being able to slow down and have the stability in order to make your maneuvers with confidence. Due to the modern hydrodynamic shape, the Cruizer is performing like a high performance foil.

Riders who love to cruise, ride strapless or shred the waves truely get their money´s worth.



  • Full Carbon
  • 96 cm length
  • Suitable for 4 screw plate mount (see FAQ "Mast Interface" for measurements)

The full carbon 96 cm mast is perfect for deep water conditions, for easy maneuvers and best hydrodynamic performance. The profile with special radius is designed with low-drag profil at the bottom, the middle section shows an anti-ventilation profile, the top section is force flux optimized to guarantee directest control.



  • Hybrid Carbon/Aluminum 
  • Suitable for 4-screw plate mount (see FAQ "Mast Interface" for measurements)

The hybrid mast in 60 cm is perfect for beginners or extreme shallow water conditions. 

The hybrid mast in 70 cm is a great lenghts for first time flyers or shallow water conditions.

The hybrid mast in 80 cm is perfect for shallow water conditions and for easy foiling.

The interfaces are made of high-strenght anodised aluminum. The thinwall design reduces weight and supports simultanous maximum durability. The low drag carbon fiber section offers maximum stiffness in bending and torsion, to guarantee a stiff and direct-handling feeling.



Our unique connection system allows to change the front and rear wing in seconds. For every level and every condition we offer the perfectly matching carbon wing.

The lowest possible surface leads to minimal drag combined with maximum stiffness! We rely on our special high alloy steel comprising these advantages together. The assembly with steel is solid and very reliable.

FrontwingCruizer (1000 cm²)
FuselageFreeride (65 cm)
RearwingFreeride (240 cm²)
Connection Plate 
Foil Screw Set incl. Tool4 x M6x20, 2 x M6x14
Anti Seize PasteLoctite LB 8065, 20g
Suitable Protective Cover Set (3-piece set)Frontwing-, Rearwing-, Mast-Cover
Travel Bag for FoilsTravel Bag (100 cm)