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Flysurfer Radical

Leveres komplet med stropper, håndtag, finner.

128x39 / 133x40 / 138x42.5 / 144x46 cm

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DKK 6.399,00

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The RADICAL is the foundation for improving your style, and building confidence in all conditions. It excels in terms of speed, control and glide. Step on a versatile and comfortable allround performance twintip. Trust the excellent edge grip and pop off in the most powerful way. Ride radical!


The RADICAL offers unbeatable performance for every skill level, and lets you have fun in all conditions! It offers grip in strong gusts, planes in the lightest wind, and absorbs blows when the water gets choppy. The flat rocker line makes the board fast and go upwind with ease, giving a steady edge to build maximum tension before the pop. The RADICAL gives the precision needed to hit the take-off, and cushions hard landing to make the water feel like butter.

  • Very good grip and pop
  • Cushions blows and hard landings
  • Limits splash
  • Easily controllable at high speed
  • Planes early and tracks upwind excellently
  • Shorter toe edge for playful carving

We’ve loved our RADICAL line since we first got on the board. Get ready for the worry-free performance package that will change the way you ride!