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Slingshot RPM V12 Se fuld størrelse

Slingshot RPM V12

RPM er en legendarisk kite, hvis du leder efter en allround kite med smæk i skal du prøve RPM.

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DKK 9.399,00

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Extend your hang time and learn new tricks with the ease

The RPM V12 by Slingshot is the flagship kite of Slingshot's inflatable line-up. It comes in a wide and stable all-performance design and serves as a great tool for learning new tricks with ease - no matter whether you're a beginner or experienced rider. As the name indicates, the V12 is the 12th edition of the RPM-series. It features a bunch of modifications, providing lots of speed, smoothness and air-time. 

Make sure to check out the video to see what the RPM V12 is capable of.

Technical features:

  • Stable and long-lasting thanks to its ultra-stiff and durable Teijin 4x4 reinforced canopy tech ripstop material
  • Open C-shape design for added turning speed, increased lift and added air-time
  • Versatile design with bridle settings for both freestyling and wake setups
  • Split-strut construction for added stiffness to the kite, making tricks easier to learn
  • Inflatable design, working with the One Pump Speed System
  • Bridle Flyline System for enhanced bar feeling and handling


  • 1x RPM V12 Kite
  • 1x Kite patch kit
  • 1x Redesigned kite backpack
  • 1x Quick-start guide