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Reedin Super-E V2 Tilbud spar 50%

Lækkert allround fra Reedin, super kontrol i alle forhold.

Leveres komplet med Superbinding, stropper, håndtag, finner.

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DKK 3.199,00



DKK 6.398,00

Product information "2021 Reedin Kites Super E V2"

The easiest, yet performing board

For Kiteboarders looking for the level of performance of a pro board but tuned for normal speed riding. The new Super-E has a whole new layup for new flex repartition, more tonicity, a faster response, more precise. New Rocker that provides more grip and an even better ride thru choppy water better. Overall the board has much more back foot grip without having to load the back foot, it feels like riding on rails!

Designer Notes
by Damien Girardin

'The Super E is designed with all the exclusive shaping of the Kev Pro, with a flex pattern and outline that is purposely designed for normal kiters that are not riding super fast all the time.'

The unique Bottom shaping featuring a full concave bottom with triple concave channels is specifically designed to provide maximum grip in the tip area towards your back foot while letting the water flow more freely in the center of the board for maximum speed. Our rail edging channels increases the grip in between your feet. So no matter if you’re riding leaning back or centered you will always experience maximum grip. The tips are purposely lighter thanks to their thickness and the lamination in order to minimize inertia and give a very light feel.

The extra thickness in the rail area creates a frame of added stiffness right where you need it the most i.e. between the feet and on the rail edging into the water where the maximum stress occurs giving you the highest responsive platform possible, while the recess close to the rail makes it easier to grab and hold the board. It also makes the board easier to grab in between the feet for no footer or other grabs when you don’t use the center handle. The rocker and stiffness of the board have been fine tuned for maximum comfort in riding.