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2017 Mystic Legend Se fuld størrelse

2017 Mystic Legend

Mystics Legend trapez er en unik trapez, ekstremt god støtte og bevægelses frihed.

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Throw away all of the various layers and combine them into one single piece. The Legend is a one of a kind harness which combines simplicity and flexibility. The revolutionary flymold and flyweb give the rider optimal support where needed.

We want to break existing boundaries, be extreme and be the best in what we do. This is the Legend, the first ever unibody harness made out of one injection mold. It is a harness so advanced, it is where innovation and technological know-how are combined to deliver the freedom to reach a more extreme ride.

- Non-water absorbent
- Unibody design
1. Flyweb
2. Flymold
13. Double power leash rings
14. HP system included
17. Covered side parts
26. Spreaderbar protector
27. Battle belt waist closure
32. Safety knife included
34. Multi hook | bananabar | low torque fixation