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PLKB Hype trainer kite Se fuld størrelse

PLKB Hype trainer kite

God trainer kite, leveres komplet med bar, liner, taske

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DKK 799,00

The Hype Trainer is a very friendly 2-line powerkite which is easy to fly for just about anyone no matter age or skill. Even without any prior kiting experience, the Hype Trainer is your entry into the exciting world of powerkiting, it is an incredibly easy to set-up 2-line powerkite flown on a controlbar. The Hype is suitable for the whole family. Its docile flying behaviour ensures that there are no sudden power surges when you fly the kite through the wind-window.

- 2-line fixed bridle kite with control bar
- Makes powerkiting accessible to everybody
- Bombproof construction for extra durability
- Great control and easy handling
- Constant power and superb stability
- Easy relaunch
- High quality Dyneema flying lines
- Ready to fly with pre-attached lines